Non-occupational Injury & Illness Program


The Rundown

Creating a non-occupational injury and illness program can give you the same benefits as an occupational injury and illness program. Not only does having a program such as this in place benefit the employee, it benefits the employer as well. 

What are the benefits?

For employees, the idea of becoming ill or injured and having to take leave from work can be stressful both financially, and emotionally. With a non-occupational injury and illness program in place, employees can find some peace of mind and focus on their recovery. There is a decreased financial impact on the worker (Short-term Disability or EI pay only 50-85% of wage), allowing them to receive the care they need with less worry about how it will be covered. A decrease in recovery times, and reduced risk of re-injury to the worker is a big benefit to both the employee and the employer. 

For the employer, the benefits received by having this program in place in some ways surpass an occupational injury and illness program. These benefits come in the way of; reduced direct and indirect claim costs; reduced time loss claims (Worker’s comp and Short-Term Disability, even Long-Term Disability); improved employee culture; reduced absenteeism; increased productivity; and decreased interruptions in the workplace.

Our goal is to successfully return employee’s to productive work as quickly and safely as possible, and to minimize the financial impact on the employee and employer

What does this program include?

• Worker receives 1 assessment visit with physiotherapy to complete abilities and limitations form;

• Worker receives 3 treatments (If more treatments are required, employee’s benefits package could kick in);

• RTW and MOD programs will be created to accommodate ill or injured employee, and;

• If the worker suffers an illness- Maxxam Employee services can offer EAP and direct access to the best Doctors;

• For an illness Maxxam Employee Services can assist with short term Disability claims with insurance provider and long-term Disability claims;

• For any mental health, nutrition, counselling and many other issues, Maxxam Employee Services will connect employees with resources and avenues through the employee’s benefit program or other resources;

• If medical imaging or MRI’s are required, Maxxam employee Services will set up the appointment through the employee’s benefit program;

• Worker complete medical release form;

*For many of the above mentioned avenues for treatment will come at no cost to the employer or the employee*